count down to your wedding

Okie….alot ppl tot tat photo I posted belongs to me…….actuall no lah, i will disclose my wedding shoes now!
My Morning shoes
yah sorry abit not funny! But these are bought in Chinatown =P
ok……..this is the real one, actually these werent supposed to be the one I bought

My Morning Heels! 

cuz the one supposed to be worn is bought in Malaysia, but in the end my designer persuade me to buy these, in the end it did helped alot, without any additional aids, these pair didnt give me any problem on that day! somemore i am not a heely-girl, for me to walk in them is a torture but i survived it! btw it’s a 3-inch! The heels are also bling bling studded….i bought it cuz i think it will act as a good evening shoes in the future. in the end i wore it for my 2nd march in and 2nd half of the dinner too….cuz it is more stable than the one i bought for my evening as follows! Btw, these pair of shoes are by DiGio Bridal! I think they shd lauch them already!
My Evening Shoes
My Evening Shoes
These are my evening shoes, i like it at first sight! I bought it @ C K Tangs! But then on the actual day, suddenly i lose confidence in it so i jus wore the silver one….. Anyway i still find them quite pretty, yday i did it justice, i wore it to Anli’s wedding……heeeee


Tomorrow is our wedding!!!

Our wedding is just tomorrow, and less than 24 hrs only~~~~

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Seat Arrangement!

Yday went with Robin to meet up with his ex-col. As usual, these days, the question would be

“How’s ur wedding preparations coming on?”…..

My same answer: “like tat lor, stressful lah…..haiz…”

This is typical right. so i added another line: “most headache is the seating arrangement, cuz ppl would reply not confirm, mayb coming, or sudden say i cannot come le or hey can i bring more to come?”

Her reply is: “Don’t Worry, the seating arrangement will settle by itself on the Actual Day!”…….

But after hearing this statement, suddenly i became more relieved……..cuz as the chinese saying goes: “When the Boat is reaching the bridge, it will just go straight” so i guess it will settle bah….. heeeeeee

So to all those BTBs, dont worry lah……u r not alone when it comes to arranging the seats!